About lausdhistory.org

John Baranski started the site in May 2019. He attended LAUSD schools, then California public colleges and universities. He teaches history at El Camino College in Torrance, California. This project is connected with his book project, a history of the LAUSD since 1941. But lausdhistory.org is also a community project to help us understand the role and meaning of public education in Los Angeles.

Former and current students, parents/guardians, staff, teachers, and administrators associated with LAUSD can make submissions. See the submission page for more information.

No. This is a site about the history of public education in Los Angeles.

Drop us a note on our contact page.

About submissions

Any student, parent/guardian, staff, teacher, and administrator associated with Los Angeles public schools.

When we receive a completed submission form, we will review it. If we have questions for the author, we will send a follow up email with questions. Otherwise, we will give the document a quick edit, if needed, then post it. For examples of postings, see the website.

For documents and photos, please provide as much information as possible: date, author/photographer, title, etc. and then submit your document or photo. If we have questions, we will send you an email.

Simply use the submission form and tell us what you want to do. We will make the change as soon as we can.

No, but we might request assistance in editing the submission for clarity.